With CFMOTO, you have the power to conquer more. From rocky creek beds, to colossal mud pits, to wooded mountainsides, our high performance vehicles rip through the toughest terrain with ease. Outfitted with custom designed liquid-cooled 4-stroke engines, and an unmatched assortment of standard features, our ATVs and side X sides do more than crush trailheads. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, or a heavy-duty utility machine, you can take on anything with CFMOTO.


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Sport Side X Sides
If you're looking for high adventure, look no further than ZFORCE. The ZFORCE lineup of performance side by sides, including the stunning all-new 1000 Sport, are built to handle your next off-road extravaganza. This machine doesn't just come with bells and whistles, but a full band. Nothing has been spared in delivering performance and comfort, so you can enjoy the exhilaration of riding and taking in the great outdoors. Your next adventure story is out there. Get out and capture it.


Inside our hearts lies an intrinsic yearning for freedom, a desire to pursue the rugged beyond. Maybe the best thing about hunting, fishing, camping or even working is just getting there, especially when you saddle on an all-new CFORCE. The CFORCE 625 highlights the full lineup of versatile ATVs. With next-generation chassis and styling, this exciting machine is getting plenty of attention. The all-new 625 comes in either a one or two-up version.


The new comer UFORCE 1000 is definitely the all-round winner in the CFMOTO utility range with reasonable ergonomics, outstanding design, potent power and excellent handling performance. The on-demand 2W/4W switch and other integrated technologies further improve its utility features. The UFORCE 1000 will help you tackle problems while assuring you of a sporty, comfortable, safe and pleasing ride.


Does X mark the unknown, or does it call us to infinite possibilities? When faced with the uncertain, some find an equation to be solved. Others find themselves at the threshold of possibility. There are no guarantees on the journey ahead, only miles to be enjoyed on the road ahead. Embrace the possibilities, remove the boundaries and dare to explore diverse terrain. Fraught as it may be with challenges along the way, freedom is on the journey. The bold will enjoy every moment of twisting the throttle toward tomorrow.

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